The intensive full-time professional-level course provides specialized training in acting, Dancing and Action. Designed keeping in mind all the prerequisites and skills required to be a successful actor/actress, The advanced course lays focus on On-Screen Performance and also includes visit to view Live Shooting in Mumbai, Certificate, Show Reel and an Artist Card, It’s an complete package to boost up your Acting Career.

  • Artist Card
  • Show reel
  • Mumbai Visit


This program focuses on those individuals who wants to learn acting just for the sake of their interest, if they start liking even they can make their careers in the entertainment industry, the programs covers basic methods of Acting, Dancing and Action by the experienced faculties. It is divided into 2 schedules as per the time convenience of the student

  • SHORT TERM (recommended for students)
  • WEEKEND WORKSHOP(recommended for professionals)


If any of the students wants to focus only on single activity either for interest or to make career we have separate arrangements for them offering unique courses which only focuses on one thing

Both Dancing & Acting are divided into 2 parts

  • Weekday Programs
  • Weekend Programs

Model Making

Everyone wants to look good. And some like to flaunt it too. Modeling today is not restricted to the ramp alone. Today, all areas be it magazines or TV ads need models. The modeling course at RITASA is focused on teaching you the intricate details of this fascinating career. The course covers ramp modeling, hair, make up, grooming, etiquette’s and much more.